8 Surprising Benefits of Learning a Second Language



In a globalized world, where virtually any point on the planet can be reached in hours, learning a language is a wonderful benefit. It brings foreign places closer when traveling and allows you to fully immerse yourself in the culture. Being multilingual is also a wonderful advantage when watching foreign movies, or searching for work abroad. But these are obvious benefits. Learning a second language also enables us to develop incredible mental abilities and much more:

It Literally Makes Your Brain Grow

Learning a foreign language introduces the brain to a new set of complexities including rules and etymology. As the brain works to recognize the structure of the unfamiliar language and how to fully utilize it, the language centres in the brain actually grow. The more you learn, the more those cerebral areas, which eventually also helps in other tasks such as reading, negotiating, and problem-solving.

It Keeps You Sharp For Longer

Recent research suggests that multilingual adults experienced the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia at a later age of 75 compared to monolingual adults who had the first signs at age 71. The studies also looked at other variables such as gender, health, educational level, and economic status, but none of them contributed as significantly as the number of languages spoken.

It Boosts Your Memory and Attention

Studies suggest that since polyglots have several language active in their head at the same time, they enjoy cognitive boosts such as improved attention and better multi-tasking. The brain must constantly pay attention to which language to use, and therefore gets used to multitasking. Multilinguals show more cognitive flexibility and find it easier to adapt to unexpected circumstances.


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Author: David Ruhm



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